Stylized, wall hanging Eagle Class

The Bellamy Style Eagle:
This is a 27-29 inch wide eagle in a Butternut rough out, done in a Maritime style made famous by John Bellamy of Kittery Maine in the 1860's. The Eagle is made to hang on a wall, outside or inside. See more about Bellamy Eagles from the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraiser here.

There are many options to this design where my standard Roughout includes a flag. In addition to the Butternut, Jim can have basswood roughouts for those that want to paint, stain, burn, gold leaf or otherwise embellish the eagle itself. In this case you will need your own paint, stain, gold leaf, or whatever. The Bellamy Style Eagle Roughout in Butternut or basswood is $30 at a class.

Bellamy style butternut Roughout .

New England Style Eagle:

Bellamy style butternut Roughout - Image not yet available.

Hand tools are anticipated, mostly large gouges. Jim has many sharp loaner tools for those that don't have or never tried large sized, long handled tools before. Smaller palm sized gouges and V-tools can be efficiently used once we start the details. Sanding can be the final step if desired (I recommend using ABRANET -the newest thing in sanding wood. Click here for details )

Jim will have available MinWax natural stain for a finish on the Butternut and acrylics for flag colors on the eagle. The Butternut Eagle can be waxed (my opinion the best method) or sprayed with a Deft like product when you get it home.

At Roundups, either class is a one day class, although occasionally, some students want to come back for a second day. You can come back as many days as you want to finish it and/or paint the flag and oil/wax the basic bird. In one day you will have substantially complete all or most of the detail so you can move on to another class if you wish to. This is not step by step so start when ever you want during the day. It is anticipated that you can substantially complete it in one day as you will be working from a Roughout and being stylized there is no burning of the feathers. While seldom ever completely finished, you will have learned all the techniques required to finish it at home.

Classes for your local club are best scheduled for 2 days to ensure the carving is completed and to reduce the pace of working the eagle.

Email me at [email protected] to discuss details and schedule a class for your club.

Below are some examples of student work from my various 1 day classes, all were finished and painted at home but give an indication of what could be accoplished in a 2 day class.

Bill Voss Jean Becker

Dean ? Sheila Mansfield

Jim Merrill Dave Faigley

Unknown "New England" Style Eagle, artist Unknown

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