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2019 Season Woodcarving Shows of interest to woodcarver's in the South Florida region click here

Woodcarving seminars held in the Charlotte County, FL area in the 2019 season:

If you are looking for a place to stay in the area of Englewood, Fl the Gem Coast Inn is the closest Hotel to the class with Lemon Bay Motel being the next closest and there are a few others in Englewood along with 2 Time Share places at the Beach- other areas to look at are Port Charlotte, Northport, and Venice which are all equal distance away.

All Classes start at 08:30am with doors open at 8:00am. They generally go to 4:30pm or whenever you and the instructor agree. Best to bring a lunch (refrigerator available) but deli's and fast food are available within a few miles. Specific directions provided when you register for the class with Jim O'Dea (jeodea@aol.com). Class sizes are limited. Chairs are steel folding chairs so if you have a cushion or a favorite chair of your own bring it.

Kevin Applegate Caricature - choice of several characters - Held in The Englewood area - 3 day class: Monday 14 January 2019, Tuesday 15 January 2019, Wednesday 16 January 2019 08:30am to about 4:30pm. Bring a lunch- refrigerator available. Coffee and water provided. Total cost $95.00 plus your rough out which runs $15-$25. Directions to specific class location will be given when you reserve a spot in class - email Jim O'Dea at jeodea@aol.com - If you know what project you want, email Kevin at kapplegate12@gmail.com, to ensure he saves one for you.

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Class features a choice of several caricature bottle stoppers, small bust or small full body rough outs. Kevin's goal is to have participants complete their carving during the 3 days. Hand tools only will be used. Kevin has some loaner tools available. Painting and finishing will be discussed/demonstrated. Carvings completed by lunch on the third day may be painted if you wish. Kevin will provide the acrylic paints, participants should bring paint brushes and paper towels.

Dennis "Butch" Clark - carving a Northern Cardinal Held in The Englewood area - no habitat bring your own to mount the bird - a power carving class - we are breaking up the carving session Class starts on Wednesday 27 Feb 2019, Thursday 28 Feb, Friday 1 March, breaks for the weekend, Monday 4 March and finishes on Tuesday 5 March.

Class starts at 8:30am and ends about 4:30pm. Bring a lunch, refrigerator available. Coffee and water provided. Directions to specific class location will be given when you reserve a spot in class - email Jim O'Dea at jeodea@aol.com

The Northern Cardinal as a large songbird requiring all 5 days to complete so no habitat will be done in this class. Bring with you the mount you want to use so you can adjust the legs before painting them.

Students should have either a Dremel, Foredom or RAM or similar type of rotary tool. etc. and a dust collector. If you don't have them contact Jim O'Dea jeodea@aol.com for possible loaners or just to check if what you have is suitable. Students will need a coarse bristle gesso brush, a medium sized flat brush, a number 6 or smaller round brush and a very small round detailing brush. We will paint with acrylic colors. Bring a hairdryer for drying the paint. Extension cords and power strips are needed as well. Tool bits Butch recommends are: either a kutzall or burr for rough cutting, a medium sized sanding drum (150 to 220 grit), a medium sized ruby or diamond carver (tear or tree shaped) and a small conical shaped texturing stone (white or blue). A small piece of #240 ABRANET sandpaper and a sanding stick are very useful. A wood burner is used for detailing the feathers. A ball stylus for burnishing. See image of tools below. Some of these bits may be available for purchase at the class and others as loaners.

Butch will provide Tupelo blanks, eyes, feet, a pattern,and associated paints. Bring your own base. You will go home with a complete, painted bird and mounted on your habitat.

Bigger power tools like Foredom's are not NOT necessary.- Ram like tools are best or smaller Dremel like tools. Larger tools like. This is a power class so students should have a dust collector - a 20 inch square box fan or smaller fan with a furnace filter taped to it is fine. If you are flying in or don't have a dust collector, contact Jim as loaners may be available. Students can use hand tools if they prefer. Loaner power tools may be available - ask Jim @ jeodea@aol.com

Cost is $250 for the 5 days with all materials included. For those carvers who choose to bring their own completed or temporary habitat, they should make sure that it is appropriate size for the bird. You need the mount so that the legs can be bent to proper shape before insertion into body and painting.

In Butch's previous classes with me, all students have been able to finish including painting and mounting on a temporary base that you bring. If you want to bring a permanent base to mount it on that is fine.

Contact Jim O'Dea @ jeodea@aol.com to reserve a spot in this class. Max of 8 students.

Butch Clark makes his home in a wooded area of rural Darke County, Ohio. The surrounding environment is alive with inspiration for his artwork as it thrives with an abundance of songbird species. However, Butch's art interest didn't begin with woodcarving, or birds.

Butch began drawing at an early age. He quickly realized his gift, and began taking professional art lessons at the age of eleven. After serving two years in the United States Army from 1966 to 1968, Butch evolved his artistic abilities. In 1976, he completed a four year International Correspondence commercial art course. Soon, his skills were being recognized locally. He began designing logos for schools, corporations, local organizations, and sporting goods suppliers.

It wasn't until 1992 that Butch began to apply his art skills to woodcarving. Inspired by a lifelong appreciation for nature and a keen interest in bird species, he took lessons from a local woodcarver and soon he was creating his signature songbirds. His first carving was a Northern Cardinal, the official state bird of his native Ohio.

Butch has become well established in his field, and is highly respected by his peers because of the unique attention to detail evident in his work. Recognized nationally in the woodcarving community, he has won numerous awards including at the Ward World Wildfowl Competition in Ocean City, Maryland and at the International Woodcarvers Congress in Maquoketa, Iowa. His carvings have been featured in national publications such as Chip Chats, Woodcarving Illustrated and Carving Magazine. A gallery of his birds can be viewed in the spring 2009 issue of Carving Magazine.

Butch is a member of the Brukner Nature Carvers woodcarving club in Troy, Ohio. He spends much of his time sharing his creative ideas and teaching his techniques through carving classes, carving demonstrations and by speaking at local organizations.

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